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Main site update.

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Added more to the US Dispensatory and updated the medicinal herbfaq on my main site.

I just uploaded a few more pages of the US Dispensatory; there's new things both in the plants and in the preparations.

With that update comes a plant name database update: about 250 more plants, about 150 more URLs included, about 550 more plant names, a few corrections.

I've also updated the books and programs bits of the medicinal herbfaq a tad: a reader sent me info about TCM books, and another corrected the Kerry Bone book info. Thanks to both of you!


Hmm... men's herbals. Well, there are two others (besides Green's, which you can get a used copy of online, if you want it):

Rosemary Gladstar's "Herbal Remedies for Men's Health" - Decent, but REALLY short, and it lacks because of that. Still, for the $10 or so that it costs (less if you get it used) it's probably worth having around.

Stephen Harrod Buhner's "Vital Man" - (let me preface this by saying that Stephen Buhner is one of my favorite herbal authors, and I generally love and deeply identify with where he's coming from...) this book is completely dreadful. Its such a disappointment I vowed not to get it at all, till I saw it in a outlet bookstore for a quarter, and figured it might be worth that. It's not. I don't know what sort of entity possessed Buhner to write this and/or assumed his name, but this book is so far from his normal perspective on things its hard to believe he wrote it. It is NOT written from the perspective of an herbalist making his own remedies, but of somebody who spends a lot of time at GNC. Lots of supplements listed, and the herbs covered are unusal ones; either hard to find or very "fad" oriented. And (the clincher) he lists all dosages in milligrams (as in what you'd find on the outside of a bottle of worthless capsules). Alas, when I heard he was doing a book on men's health, I was really excited. Oh well.

Though not a book, for a REALLY far out perspective, check out Ryan Drum's article online: http://www.partnereartheducationcen...

Please know that so far as I'm aware, the chromosomal thing he refers to is not a widely held belief.

so, seeing this dreadful paucity of info, will someone please (please please) fill this gap? It's on my (very very very) long term agenda, but no time soon, and I'd rather not wait till I get around to it...