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Cut'n'sifted licorice root.

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Cut and sifted doesn't mean minced almost to powder.

Pic: Dried licorice root: powdered, minced, real cut and sifted.
I usually buy licorice root by the kg, cut and sifted (c/s), and that's what I usually get.

A year or so ago I got finely minced "cut and sifted" licorice root instead.

Trouble is, if the licorice is too fine it's difficult to mix into tea blends; most of it ends up in the bottom of the bag, which means that its actions (strengthen adrenals, help lungs, soothe gut, taste good) are all in the last bit of tea, not mixed all through it. Real cut and sifted is about the same size as the rest of the tea herbs, and can be mixed nicely throughout any blends.

The powder is useless in teas, but then, I don't buy powder for teas.

The minced lot was from one of the UK herbal bulk houses; nice taste, good quality, but honest, this is not cut and sifted. Which is why I still have some of this left, of course; it's not all that useful for teas if real c/s is on hand, and it's of no use for licorice fudge, where powder really is the way to go.


Hi there
Could you please tell me where you got your licorice from? I'm now having trouble getting it from our local health food shop.

I try one or the other of these: