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An assumption

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Herbalists are exotic beasts.

"You're what?"

      "I'm a herbalist."

"A what?"

      "I do herbal therapy."

"Oh. ... ... ... Do herbs need therapy, too?"

That's what a neighbor said, years ago, when I moved into this house. I'm still not sure if he was joking or not.


that is classic....

oh my...

I'd have to concur. The black stares I've gotten telling people I'm an herbalist always seem to surprise me. I've gotten into the habit of explaining it by saying things like, "what you go to the drug store for I dig up and chew on". Then I offer them some dried calamus root.

not many takers, though...

Wait, so you're telling me that I shouldn't be replanting my herbs onto a couch?

I guess that explains why they're so hesitant to tell me about their mothers.