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You can use mugwort to enhance your dreams.

Thing is, those dreams aren't always pleasant.

Mugwort nudges things a bit.

If you don't remember your dreams you will, with mugwort.
If your dreams are black and white they'll turn color, with mugwort.
If your dreams are in color you can steer them a little, with mugwort.
If you can steer your dreams you can steer them better ("lucid dreaming"), with mugwort.

Me, I don't usually remember my dreams.

And one day years ago, back when I still smoked, I decided to add some mugwort to my tobacco bag, just to see how it would affect my dreams. (I used to roll my own, to cut down on the amount I smoked).

After three extremely tiresome nights of nothing but nightmares I threw the whole batch away, and bought some more tobacco. To which I did not add any mugwort, thanks for asking.


If you don't smoke you can:
- chew a leaf
- drink a tea
- keep a bunch under your pillow
- keep a bunch near or under your bed
and so on and so forth.

Mugwort is one of the more allergenic plants, so don't use it at all if you're allergic to it.

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i noticed mugwort made me dream a LOT more, and i couldn't remember a thing about the dreams later. There was so much jumbled and random for my concious mind to grasp.

But talking with the plant BEFORE using it helped a lot.

I made a dream pillow with a pound of dried mugwort and it literally became alive. I used to call it "mug" and generally stopped differentiating between it and the ctas or ferret. You see, I'd go to sleep, and the dream pillow was at the foot of the bed on the floor, but when I'd wake up, the dream pillow would be on my pillow. Then I'd get up, take a shower, and find, when I cam back, that the dream pillow was on my wife's pillow. The rationalist would say that we were grabbing it in our sleep, enticed by its bitter-pungent aroma, but me... I can picture it crawling, kind've like an inchworm, up the bed towards our noses...

Did it work? Good lord, yes. I'd feel as if I hadn't slept in days, so busy tromping around through the dreamlands...

See, Mugwort ~promotes~ dreaming, but ~inhibits~ deep, restorative, rejuvanating sleep. So too many nights in a row dreaming it up leaves you feeling more or less like you hadn't slept at all; because you haven't - not deeply, anyway.

My thoughts on the matter is to make your dream pillow with a lot of mugwort (not those little sachet things that are mostly lavendar and rosepetals), and use it consciously; with intent. Have an intention about what you want to find in your dream.

And don't do it every night. It'll take to much out of ya...

Oh, and smoking mugwort: it smells a LOT like cannabis. A lot. does doesnt it!?

Knowing my luck Id probably be stuck on the edge of a cliff, fall off and feel the pain as I hit the bottom.

Now if it were guaranteed I'd have a wonderful dream featuring Richard Gere, I'd give it a go :)

I have been trying to get a good supplier of mugwort and have had no luck. If someone could help me find a good source I would apprecate it greatly.

You can order mugwort online from Taos Herb Company. I have it still packaged, but it is part of my future smudging ceremony at my home, so I have not unpacked it. I may experiment on the weekends, but during the week, I need sleep, not dreams.

Here in the Northeastern US, it is one of the most common roadside and field edge herbs. When there is a little, there is a lot!

Now, just at the very beginning of the flowering stage is the best time to gather it. Smoked a big joint of it last night, was very surprised at the sedating affect. very smooth, tasty smoke too. Had to put it out half way through because i was not expecting any buzz and i got one! I dream every night, I think I had good dreams last night, but i can't remember exactly.

I am going to gather several pounds of tops to give away dream pillows for Christmas.

Nature is an abundant supplier of mugwort. The plants make a couple hundred thousand seeds a year, and the roots are extremely tough. Pick it yourself, is what I'm saying.

does this stuff really work? how could it possibly enhance your dreams by simply being placed under your pillow or by being in the same room? i'm trying to think of how that's possible. also how could it move around wile you're sleeping? i'm a little skeptical, i just want to know how it works

Why don't you give it a try? Strange idea, I know, but if you do you have first-hand experience instead of hearsay.

i think i will. i'm REALLY interested in this stuff now. it'll probably be hard for me2 get tho since i'm going2 school in houston. i don't wanna order it online either, my parents might question me. time to do some research! i've always been fascinated by dreams and i can lucid dream and i almost always remember them. it will be interesting to see what this stuff does for me

Last night, I had tea with mugwort in it for the first time. It's an ingredient in an herbal mix for lulling you to sleep and remembering your dreams.

Well, let me tell you ... I was falling asleep and already the dreams were beginning before I was really asleep. I finally gave in, turned the lights and tv off and I did dream a LOT. And I remember the dream very well. It was one long dream and not unpleasant but when I woke up I was like whhhoooooaaa. I have been experiementing with lucid dreaming for a while so this was not particularly intense but for the first time user, if it's like this all the time, it could be.

Having said that, I am about to drink my mug of it right now :) Fabulous sleeping entertainment!

i recently found bag of (what my son claims is mugwort) he says many of his friends are trying to quit smoking and they sit around together and smoke mugwort instead. what are the negative effects of smoking mugwort (if any) should i be concerned. he is not a smoker, and is not necessarily trying to quit, so I am wondering why he is smoking it

thank you

Smoking mugwort? Snigger. Try to change the word "mugwort" to "pot", and you'll have a pretty good idea what your son is doing.

Hey Galit

Not to worry, Mugwort is a commonly used herb for people who want to quit smoking or (as noted explicitly above) to enhance dreams. Unfortunately when it is dried, it looks and smells alot like dried cannabis.

There is some great info on and it should answer any questions you have about this herb.


You cannot stop smoking by smoking mugwort. Take my word for it. The herb for that would be mullein leaf - much better, as it's not even half as drying.

I tried mugwort as a tea last night for the first time, I believe it will be my last. Yes it works, however, I had very intense, graphic, violent dreams. Not really a nightmare per say, more like being in a hollywood slash em up demons type of thing. This morning I feel like I didn't sleep at all. I wasn't in a great mood when I went to sleep, does anyone know how mood before you sleep effects this?

I can confirm that mugwort does indeed make you remember your dreams. But since we have so many (literally every few minutes - but then linear time does not apply in dream time) it is extraordinarily difficult to separate one from another. And, as others have pointed out, it makes for a dreadful night's sleep. Three in my case, before I threw the pillow away!

Cheers, Euphrosene

I recently started using mugwort just before I go to bed to inspire my dreams. The 1st night was unbelievable! Everything was so vibrant and BOLD! The next time, I asked for a certain type of dream and got it. I took a break, then the next time I used it, I asked for a dream that would help me with my life. It gave me a dream, then the woman in the dream even told me the moral of the dream. I didn't have to figure this one out. I am enjoying the benefits. No nightmares - not everything makes sense, but life doesn't always makes sense, why would dreams? And why take everything so seriously? I'm having fun!

Ok so i had not really heard of mugwort be for but a friend of mine tried it and it really helped him with some of his dream work, then a few days later i was REALLY suffering from a absessed tooth and the antibiotics hadnt worked yet my face looked liked someone hit me with a bord, well anyway a native american friend tole me to put a pultice of mugwort on it so i did and in under two hours the absess had drained and i was feeling better within six hours my face looked way better. it was a life saver. As for dreams WOW i've always had luiced dreams but WOW. it is wonderful.

Mugwort for an abscessed tooth? Interesting, thanks.

Did you put that poultice inside your cheek right over the abcess or outside, on your face over the area?
did you use fresh or dried mugwort? thanks!

So I bought some mugwort from a website and I now have it. Its all dried and I made some tea by just putting the mugwort in hot water. The tea would turn into a yellowish color. The first night, I drank two cups of the tea, nothing happened. The second night, i made a stronger version of the tea. Drank just one cup and smoked a corn cob pipe full of just mugwort and still nothing happened. I've never had a lucid dream but thats what I'm aiming for. I have a dream journal and remember my dreams very well. I know mugwort has different affects on different people but it should have some affect on everyone right? Does anyone know why it didn't work?

I have used two types of mugwort The tall one that has lots of essential oil surprisingly does not seem to work at all.
The other--a scrappy awful looking weed- is amazing and exhausting.
I threw out my dream pillow after a week as my wife (who didn't know it was there) was complaining about her vivid exhausting technicolor dreams

Well, Does anyone know of where I could get the right type of mugwort via web? or is there a chain of some herb shop that would have it?

I just ordered some online from Penn Herb Company. Very nice quality.

What is a dream pillow ?

i find that if i add some chamomile to the mugwort in my tea, i get the benefit of dreamtime adventure but it is softened a little by the sweetness of the chamomile.

So.... I bought some mugwort a while ago because my hippy friend told me its good to have in a new home to bring a feminine positive vibe, along with sweet grass, cedar chips, and of course sage. When I went to buy some the very wierd dude told me to drink it and i will have lots of dreams. I really liked this idea because i LOVE to sleep and dream. I didnt take it until last night because i wasnt sure, i was skeptical, and frankly a little scared (I am very sensitive so i have to be careful) Anyway last night i decided i will try it. But first i needed to research the dosage. This is how i stumbled upon this lovely post. I felt i should post my own experience because it may help someone out there like me. First of all i was VERY skeptical, second it tastes VERY bitter so I only had about a quater of a cup (I put a table spoon of mugwort in a cup of hot water). I stopped drinking it beacuse i didnt read anywhere that it was bitter which made me a little uneasy and it tasted horible!

But all skeptisim is at rest, i hardly drank any and I must say i had some very out there, and vivid dreams and I was able to recall several this morning. Placebo effect? maybe.... but I am definatley drinking more!

Ok so i havent smoked Mugwort since i was 16, (and that was oddly mixed with Sweet grass{Bizarre dreamwalking})

But recently i started drinking mugwort and ill tell yall this:
IT TASTES LIKE DEATH! even with honey it is verry bitter.

I have never rememebred my dreams with the exception of a very grapic few, and after mugwort my dreams are somewhat more easy to recall and mostly controllable.

If you have any memories of your past life, or have any form of an old soul (I.E warriors soul: you desire combat and fighting for your beliefs) e.t.c ....Mugwort from what ive noticed...will bring you more dreams involving that...since my initial uses of the tea...ive had ALOt of dreams involving very bloody fights or battles.

if you tend to have waking dreams due to insomnia....yeah....have fun there bud.
all in Is helpful...but like all things from this has a few catchbacks
and as a last note for now....if your mind(s) work like mine does....DONT read anything from Lovecraft, Steven King, R.A Salvatore or any other Horror/ Fantasy writers.