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Mind the gap!

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I was in London last weekend.

I went to the Chelsea Physic Garden and to Kew, and I had a lot of fun teaching UK herbalists. Lovely people! Thanks to all who attended, and to Christine, Olivia and Lou for making things great.

Anyhoo, I was in Kew with non-herbalist friends on Friday, and it started to rain in the afternoon. Lots. Like, the sky fell down. We took refuge in the Temperate House (one of the greenhouses) and found out that it's not quite watertight. Well, no, it doesn't have to be, eh? There's nothing underneath the large glass domes that a little water would hurt.

During a break in the torrents we sprinted for the exit, jumping puddles. The others were going on various buses, I headed for the tube ...

... four stations on the line I was trying to go on were flooded, so the whole line closed down. As did two others which also went through one or the other of those particular stations.

So I called my friend, back in Helsinki, in the evening. He said "So it's still raining in London? Wow, that's a long time. It already rained when I was there, 10 years ago."



Hi! Congrats on your 10th anniversary (of the herbal website). I learn so much here and am grateful for the generosity with which you share your knowledge.