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I've moved from to

On the 10th of November, somebody wrote to the ibiblio collection folks list, asking if anybody else had trouble accessing mysql.

On the 11th of November, I started to get emails telling me that the plant name search on my main site (the old setup) was wonky.

I asked ibiblio about it, and they said: "yep, it's excessive spidering of your content, crashing our mysql server". They also asked me to cache things, and told me that they'd disabled my mysql account and would enable it as soon as the excessive spidering was over and done with.

Bleh for rude robots (= spiders), says I.

Now, I have no idea how to cache things, unless you do it as explained in the mysql manual, by adding caching to the config files ... which the ibiblio admins have access to. I don't.

I've tried to block bad bots on ibiblio a few months ago, but you can't really block anything on ibiblio, cos they proxy the lot locally.

So I told them to add the .php scripts in my /pictures/ directory to their robots.txt: the content can be picked up by simply going from .htm file to .htm file.

No reply.

I then told them about the Crawl-delay: 90, which you can add to robots.txt, which means that spiders which honor this particular entry only will pick up one page every 90 seconds.

No reply.

They have access to the ibiblio robots.txt file, I don't.

On dreamhost (the host of this site), the blocking of bots works admirably, and I have my own robots.txt, which I can change as much as I like.

On the 11th and the 12th of November I copied my pics and the classic texts to, just in case ibiblio was still wonky come Monday (November 14th).

My ibiblio mysql account is still closed today, Tuesday November 15.

So, without further ado:

Henriette's herbal pages are now found here.


Hi Henriette

If you throw this between the head tags of your Ibiblio homepage, it will automatically redirect here.

Google indexing is all over the place (same with Alta Vista and Yahoo)....

Glad to hear the move's behind you. Dreamhost is a good choice.


Thanks, Shayne.
I'm told that search engine spiders don't follow redirects to different domains, though.

Yep....sadly there's nothing we can do to wrangler the index spiders to any given location. I was thinking more for the user experience.

As always, thanks for the herbal dialogue!!

True, but a "Hey, where'd the site go?" might get people to change their bookmarks and links ...

TJ has some time and wants to work with you on optimising the database, making some static pages and dealing with spiders. This would be on ibiblio, of course. I think he's written you today. If not, give me a holler.

I feel so on top of things... already updated the link to your site from mine... now I'll have to go through a years worth of class handouts and see how many times in those I'll need to fix...

Thanks Paul, emailed.
Thanks jim, that was fast.