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Herbs for Happiness.

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There's euphoria, and there's true happiness.

Long ago, on a newsgroup far from here, I replied to some bonehead selling yet another far-off expensive exotic that cures everything including taxes, and that was "known also as 'happiness herb'".

Well, no.

Euphoria is a temporary thing; most herbs which induce euphoria will leave you looking for the next fix, which is anything but happiness.

True happiness lies in being content in what you are and do.

And for that, there are few herbs as good as potentilla. If you eat a leaf a day for a few weeks, or a couple of months, you suddenly have the courage to say "no" to all and any influences which don't rhyme with your reason.

And so, after a few weeks, or after a month or two, you'll notice that you have as much space as you need.

I've described this effect as "Potentilla gives you elbows".

Pulsatilla might complement this: if you're stuck on a track and terrified/ frustrated/ bored with it, and have no idea how to change to another track (or even to totally trackless territory), then pulsatilla will help you broaden your horizons.

Taking both herbs at the same time might be a good idea, for some people.

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Elbows needed here:) Are you referring to Potentilla anserina or Cinquefoil.

Thanks Kirsty

Any Potentilla will do.

Any suggestions for a smile? Stuck in sad here but not looking for nervous energy.

Oats in milky seed (tincture, or frozen), or St. John's wort. Neither will give you nervous energy, either will perk you up shortly.

so you just chew on a potentilla leaf or flower? and this makes you happy and confident?

A leaf a day, yes. That lets you grow elbows, which means that you can follow your own way, not that of others.

i ve read somewhere that its a very poisonous flower. what do you know about thath?

ah and also, they say its a hard to find plant, almost extinct. will plants from garden centers work?

What, potentilla? As benign as they come.
Pulsatilla, a few drops of a fresh herb tincture aren't going to hurt you. Yes, all pulsatillas work, including those growing in your garden.

Hi! I'm trying to get pregnant. Can I still eat the potentilla leaf?

Sure, no problem.

Haven't tried it.

I have a potentilla fruticosa. Can I eat the leaves of that for the same effect?


You'll find Potentillas around your feet (or at least, I do up here). You can use agrimony instead of Potentilla.

Pulsatillas are fluffy-seeded Anemone species; you should be able to find them, too - or tinctures of them. If you ask around.

Are Potentilla and St. John's Wort safe to take at the same time?