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Jonno's new weblog

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These are extremely interesting.

Jonno (Jonathan Treasure) is a medical herbalist who specializes in herbs for cancer. He's also a physiology nerd.

He's started a blog (here's hoping he'll keep it up), and the first few posts are very good:
1) a 3 MB .mov file of the exploding pollen pod of a Cornus.

2) how pseudoscience is passed off as real science in medical reporting

3) a report on the synergy of a single constituent and a supplement in cancer cells in vitro.

4) medical physiology vs. the physiology herbalists need - a 80 MB .mp3 file of a 45 minute lecture.

Jonno: I LURV YOU IN ALL CAPS for #2 and #4. More!

(Herbal Ed has done a few podcasts. Yours is lovely, but herbal Ed manages to cram 45 minutes into 10 MB.)


Oh me oh my, that's some good reading going on. Thank you for the pointer!

thanks Henriette! sorry about the massive sound file, i inadvertently encoded it at a high sampling rate. will do better for part 2. more coming...