001-004 Dandelion, Red Poppy, Mullein, Garden Cucumber.

001 Dandelion. 001c Dandelion. 1. Dandelion, or Pissa-bed. Dens Leonis.

1. The Leaves of this Plante lie on ye Ground: the Pedikels or Pipes on which the Flowers grow are about six or eight Inches high; and the Flowers yellow. The Root grows about a finger thick, and eight Inches long, full of a white bitter Milk.
2. It grows almost every where in Fallow Ground, & flowers most Months in the Year.
3. The Roots & Leaves are used, as cooling, aperative, provoking Urine, & strengthening ye Stomach, and are much eat as a Sallad in the Spring.
4. Greek, Αφάκα. Latin. Dens Leonis, Taraxacum. Spanish, Diente de Leon. Italian, Dente di Lane and Piscia al letto. French. Dens de Lyon, or Pisse en lict. German, Pfaffenblatt & Runnichstopff. Dutch. Papencruyt.

002 Red Poppy. 002c Red Poppy. 2. Red, Wild, or Corn Poppy. Papaver rubrum.

1. This Plant grows to be 2 Foot high, the Leaves are a Willow-green, & the Flowers Scarlet.
2. It grows in most Corn-fields, and flowers in Iune and Iuly.
3. The Flowers of this Poppy are cooling, incline to sleep, & much used in inflamatory Fevers. Officinal Preparations from it are, ye simple Water, ye Syrup, ye Conserve of ye Flowers & ye Tincture.
4. Greek. Μήκων ροίας. Latin. Papaver rubrum, erraticum, rhoeas. Spanish. Amapolis, or Papoulla. Italian. Papavero salvaticho. French. Pavot sauvage, or confanons. German. Clapper Rosen or Corn Rosen. Dutch. Rooden huel.

003 Mullein. 003c Mullein. 3. Mullein or Hig-Taper. Verbascum or Tapsus barbatus.

1. It grows to be six Foot high, the Leaves are a light Willow-green, & the Flowers a pale Yellow.
2. They grow in Highways and Commons, and flower in Iuly.
3. The Leaves are used for Coughs, Pains in ye Breast, and Collic Pains, & outwardly in Fomentations, and are thought a speficic against the Piles. Dioscorides recommends a Decoction of the Root as good for the Tooth-ach.
4. Greek, Φλόμος. Latin, Verbascum or Tapsus barbatus. Spanish. Gordolobo or Verbasco. Italian. Tasso barbasso. French. Bouillon. German. Beiss Bullcraut. Dutch. Wolle kruyt.

004 Garden Cucumber. 004c Garden Cucumber. 4. Garden Cucumber. Cucumis sativus.

1. This plant trails on ye Ground, the Leaves are a Yellow-green, & the Flowers a pale Yellow.
2. It is raised from ye Seed yearly; & flowers, & bears Fruit for several Months in the Summer.
3. The Seed is used for the Stone, Strangury, heat of Urine, burning Fevers and Plurisies. Dioscorides says, the Fruit chears decayed Spirits; and recommends the Leaves boiled with Wine, and mixed with Honey, as a cure for the Bite of a Dog.
4. Greek. Σίκυς ήμερος. Latin. Cucumis sativus, vulgaris. Spanish. Cogombro. Italian. Cocomero. French, Cocombre. German. Cucumera. Dutch, Concomieren.

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).