061-064 Hyacinth, Spurge Laurel, Sanicle, Bugle.

061 Hyacinth. 061c Hyacinth. Text page 016. 61. Hyacinth or Hare-bells. Hyacinthus.

1. The Stalk grows 8 or 9 Inches high; the Leaves are a grass Green; the Flowers commonly a deep blew; but sometimes flesh colour and sometimes white.
2. It grows in Hedges and Woods, and Flowers in May.
3. The Roots are used, and esteemed by some diuretic, and good to stop all kinds of Fluxes.
4. Greek, Υακινφος. Latin, Hyacinthus. Spanish, Maios flores. Italian, Hyacintho. French, Vaciet or Jacinte. German, Merkenblumen. Dutch, Hyaxinthe.

062 Spurge Laurel. 062c Spurge Laurel. 62. Spurge Laurel. Laureola.

1. This Shrub grows 3 foot high; the Leaves are a dark Green; and the Flowers a yellow Green.
2. It grows in Woods and Thickets, and Flowers in March and April, and the Fruit is ripe in September.
3. The Leaves and Berries are used by some, as good to purge Bile, choleric and serous Humours; but they purge with great Violence both upwards and downwards. Some Adventurous Persons give them in Dropsies.
4. Greek, Δαφνόειδες. Latin, Laureola. Spanish, -. Italian, Laureola. French, Laureole. German, Gross Kellershals. Dutch, -.

063 Sanicle. 063c Sanicle. 63. Sanicle or Self-Heal. Sanicula or Diapentia.

1. The Stalks grow to be a Foot high, the Leaves are a bright grass Green, and the Flowers white.
2. It grows in Woods and Flowers in May.
3. THis is one of the Chief vulnerary Plants, being frequently put into Wound-Drinks, and traumatic Apozems; and is esteemed good for Ruptures, inward Bruises, spitting of Blood, and any Haemorrhagies; and Wounds both inward and outward.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Sanicula or Diapentia. Spanish, -. Italian, Cinquefoglia Maggiore. French, La Sanicle. German, Sanictel. Dutch, .

064 Bugle. 64. Bugle or middle Consound. Bugula, or Consolida media.

1. The Stalks on which the Flowers grow are 9 Inches high, the Leaves are a Reddish Green; and the Flowers a bright Blue.
2. It grows in Woods and Hedges, and Flowers in May.
3. Bugle is a noted vulnerary Plant, and used inwardly & outwardly for all kinds of Bruises, Wounds and Contusions, as likwise for Sores, Ulcers, Spitting of Blood and Haemorrhagies from any Part.
4. Greek, -. Latin, Bugula, or Consolida media. Spanish, -. Italian, -. French, Bugle. German, Golden Gunsel. Dutch, .

A Curious Herbal, Containing Five Hundred Cuts of the Most Useful Plants, Which Are Now Used in the Practice of Physick was written, drawn, engraved and coloured by Elizabeth Blackwell in 1737 (Vol. 1) and 1739 (Vol. 2).