Cannabis indica, Hashish.

Botanical name: 
Please read the introduction to Boericke's tinctures.

Inhibits the higher faculties and stimulates the imagination to a remarkable degree without any marked stimulation of the lower or animal instinct. A condition of intense exaltation, in which all perceptions and conceptions, all sensations and all emotions are exaggerated to the utmost degree. Subconscious or dual nature state. Apparently under the control of the second self, but, the original self, prevents the performance of acts which are under the domination of the second self. Apparently the two natures cannot act independently, one acting as a check, upon the other (Effects of one Dram doses by Dr. Albert Schneider). The experimenter feels ever and anon that he is distinct from the subject of the hashish dream and can think rationally. Produces the most remarkable hallucinations and imaginations, exaggeration of the duration of time and extent of space, being most characteristic. Conception of time, space and place is gone. Extremely happy and contented, nothing troubles. Ideas crowd upon each other. Has great soothing influence in many nervous disorders, like epilepsy, mania, dementia, delirium tremens, and irritable reflexes. Exophthalmic goitre. Catalepsy.
Mind.--Excessive loquacity; exuberance of spirits. Time seems too long; seconds seem ages; a few rods an immense distance. Constantly theorizing. Anxious depression; constant fear of becoming insane. Mania, must constantly move. Very forgetful; cannot finish sentence. Is lost in delicious thought. Uncontrollable laughter. Delirium tremens. Clairvoyance. Emotional excitement; rapid change of mood. Cannot realize her identity, chronic vertigo as of floating off.
Head.--Feels as if top of head were opening and shutting and as if calvarium were being lifted. Shocks through brain (Aloe; Coca). Uraemic headache. Throbbing and weight at occiput. Headache with flatulence. Involuntary shaking of head. Migraine attack preceded by unusual excitement with loquacity.
Eyes.--Fixed. Letters run together when reading. Clairvoyance. Spectral illusions without terror.
Ears.--Throbbing, buzzing, and ringing. Noise like boiling water. Extreme sensitiveness to noise.
Face.--Expression drowsy and stupid. Lips glued together. Grinding of teeth in sleep. Mouth and lips dry. Saliva thick, frothy, and sticky.
Stomach.--Increased appetite. Pain at cardiac orifice; better, pressure. Distention. Pyloric spasm. Sensation of extreme tension in abdominal vessels-feel distended to bursting.
Rectum.--Sensation in anus as if sitting on a ball.
Urinary.--Urine loaded with slimy mucus. Must strain; dribbling; has to wait some time before the urine flows. Stitches and burning in urethra. Dull pain in region of right kidney.
Male.--After sexual intercourse, backache. Oozing of white, glairy mucus from glans. Satyriasis. Prolonged thrill. Chordee. Sensation of swelling in perineum or near anus, as if sitting on a ball.
Female.--Menses profuse, dark, painful, without clots. Backache during menses. Uterine colic, with great nervous agitation and sleeplessness. Sterility (Borax). Dysmenorrhoea with sexual desire.
Respiratory.--Humid asthma. Chest oppressed with deep, labored breathing.
Heart.--Palpitation awakes him. Piercing pain, with great oppression. Pulse very slow (Dig; Kalmia; Apocyn).
Extremities.--Pain across shoulders and spine; must stoop; cannot walk erect. Thrilling through arms and hands, and from knees down. Entire paralysis of the lower extremities. Pain in soles and calves; sharp pains in knees and ankles; very exhausted after a short walk.
Sleep.--Very sleepy, but unable to do so. Obstinate and intractable forms of insomnia. Catalepsy. Dreams of dead bodies; prophetic. Nightmare.
Modalities.--Worse, morning; from coffee, liquor and tobacco; lying on right side. Better from fresh air, cold water, rest.
Relationship.--Bellad; Hyoscy; Stram; Laches; Agaric; Anhalon (time sense disordered; time periods enormously overestimated, thus, minutes seem hours, etc).
Dose.--Tincture and low attenuations.

Cannabis sativa, Hemp.

Seems to affect especially the urinary, sexual, and respiratory organs. It has characteristic sensations as of dropping water. Great fatigue, as from over-exertion; weary after meals. Choking in swallowing; things go down the wrong way. Stuttering. Confusion of thought and speech. Wavering speech. Wavering speech, hasty, incoherent.
Head.--Lectophobia. Vertigo; sensation of dropping water on head. Pressure on root of nose.
Eyes.--Opacity of cornea. Cataract from nervous disturbances, abuse of alcohol and tobacco; patient feels deeply approaching blindness. Misty sight. Pressure from back of eyes, forward. Gonorrhoeal ophthalmia. Eyeballs ache. Scrofulous eye troubles (Sulph; Calc).
Urine.--Retained, with obstinate constipation. Painful urging. Micturition in split stream. Stitches in urethra. Inflamed sensation, with soreness to touch. Burning while urinating, extending to bladder. Urine scalding, with spasmodic closure of sphincter. Gonorrhoea, acute stage; urethra very sensitive. Walks with legs apart. Dragging in testicles. Zigzag pain along urethra. Sexual overexcitement. Urethral caruncle (Eucalypt), phimosis. Stoppage of urethra by mucus and pus.
Female.--Amenorrhoea when physical powers have been overtaxed, also with constipation.
Respiratory.--Oppression of breathing and palpitation; must stand up. Weight on chest; rattling wheezing breathing. Cough, with green viscid, also bloody, expectoration.
Heart.--Sensation as if drops were falling from the heart. Painful strokes and tension with palpitation. Pericarditis.
Sleep.--Frightful dreams. More tired in morning. Sleepy during day.
Extremities.--Contraction of fingers after a sprain. Dislocation of patella on going upstairs. Feet feel heavy on going upstairs. Paralytic tearing pains. Affections of the ball of the foot and under part of toes.
Modalities.--Worse, lying down; going upstairs.
Relationship.--Antidotes: Camph; Lemon juice. Compare: Hedysarum-Brazilian Burdock-(Gonorrhoea and inflammation of penis); Canth; Apis; Copaiva; Thuj; Kal nit.
Dose.--Tincture to third attenuation. In stuttering the 30th.

Boericke's Materia Medica, 1901, was written by William Boericke. Excerpt: The Tinctures.