Canchalagua, Erythraea venusta, Centaury.

Botanical name: 
Please read the introduction to Boericke's tinctures.

Used extensively as a fever remedy and bitter tonic (Gentiana), antimalarial and antiseptic. Of use in severe type of intermittent fever in hot countries; also, in influenza. Sore, as if bruised all over. Sensation of drops falling from and upon different spots.
Head.--Congested. Scalp feels tight; head feels as if bound; burning in eyes; buzzing in ears.
Fever.--Chill all over; worse in bed at night. Sensitive to cold tradewinds on Pacific Coast. General sore and bruised feeling; nausea and retching.
Skin.--Wrinkled like a washer-woman's. Scalp feels tight, as if drawn together by India-rubber.
Dose.--Tincture, in drop doses. Must be made from the fresh plant. Its medicinal properties are lost in the dry.

Boericke's Materia Medica, 1901, was written by William Boericke. Excerpt: The Tinctures.