Cascara sagrada, Sacred Bark (Rhamnus purshiana).

Please read the introduction to Boericke's tinctures.

Introduced as a palliative for constipation (non-homeopathic), fifteen drops of fluid extract here it restores normal function by its tonic effects, but it has a wider sphere of action, as careful provings will show. Chronic indigestion, cirrhosis and jaundice. Haemorrhoids and constipation. Gastric headache. Broad, flabby tongue; foul breath.
Urine.--Must wait for minute before flow starts then first in drops.
Extremities.--Rheumatism of muscles and joints, with obstinate constipation.
Relationship.--Compare: Hyd; Nux;
Rhamnus Californica
(tincture for constipation; tympanites and appendicitis and especially rheumatism).
Dose.--Tincture to sixth potency.

Boericke's Materia Medica, 1901, was written by William Boericke. Excerpt: The Tinctures.