Sinapis, B.P., Mustard.

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Ground mustard or mustard flour consists of the dried, ripe seeds of Brassica sinapioides, Roth., and Brassica alba, Boiss. (N.O. Cruciferae), powdered and mixed. It occurs as a greenish-yellow, odourless powder, with a bitter, pungent taste, and gives off a pungent odour when moistened. It should be free from starch and turmeric.

Action and Uses.—Mustard causes redness and a feeling of warmth when applied to the skin or mucous membrane.; if the action be prolonged vesication is produced. It is employed externally as a counter-irritant either in the form of poultice or as mustard paper (see Cataplasma and Charta Sinapis). Mustard baths for the feet are used in sleeplessness, and in incipient colds; and a mustard sitz-bath is employed in amenorrhoea (1 tablespoonful to each gallon of water). Internally, mustard is used as a condiment; it increases the flow of saliva and improves the appetite. Mixed with hot water (1 tablespoonful to a tumblerful) it is a prompt emetic, and is used especially in narcotic poisoning. Powdered mustard should not be mixed with boiling water, or the pungent, volatile oil will be developed only to a limited extent, owing to the destructive action of excessive heat on myrosin.


Balneum Sinapis, B.P.C.—MUSTARD BATH. 1 to 400.
If used for a child, give the bath until the arms of the person holding the child begin to tingle. Used in chills and febrile conditions.
Cataplasma Sinapis, B.P.C.—MUSTARD POULTICE.
Crushed linseed, 28; mustard, 2; water, to 100. Employed as a counterirritant in deep-seated inflammations, such as pleurisy, and bronchitis. The mustard paste may be spread on the surface of the linseed poultice if stronger action be desired.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.