Satureja Hortensis. Summer savory.

Botanical name: 

Description: Natural Order, Labiatae. This is a well-known garden plant, with bushy stems, very small leaves, and little pink flowers, extensively cultivated as a fragrant pot herb. It yields an essential oil by distillation, and has an odor and taste similar to thyme.

Properties and Uses: This herb is seldom used in medicine, but is quite an efficient aromatic stimulant. A warm infusion induces perspiration, and is useful in recent colds, incipient fever, measles, and painful and acutely obstructed menstruation. It is also a good carminative. The better method of using it, is to combine a drachm of the leaves with an ounce of asclepias tuberosa; or it may be associated with angelica and anise for colic and flatulence.

The Physiomedical Dispensatory, 1869, was written by William Cook, M.D.
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