White Horehound.

Botanical name: 

Plate 28. Marrubium album.

A white hoary plant, with little flowers in tufts round the stalks, frequent in dry places in many parts of the kingdom. It grows sixteen inches high. The stalks are square, and very robust, hairy, pale coloured, and upright. The leaves stand two at each joint; they are short and broad, blunt at the ends, and widely indented at the edges, of a rough surface, and white colour. The flowers are white, and the points of their cups are prickly.

The best part of the plant for medicinal use, is the tops of the young shoots; a decoction of these made very strong, and boiled into a thin syrup with honey, is excellent against coughs, hoarsenesses of long standing, and all disorders of the lungs. The same decoction, if taken in large doses, and for a continuance, promotes the menses, and opens all obstructions.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.