White Lily.

Botanical name: 

Lilium album.

A tall, fragrant, and beautiful garden plant. It grows four or five feet high; the stalk is round, green, thick, firm, and very upright; a great many leaves surround it at the bottom, and a great many grow upon it all the way: these are of the same shape, long, narrow, and smooth, and of a pale green upon the stalk, and deeper green at the root. The flowers stand on the divisions of the top of the stalk, they are large, white, and composed as it were of a quantity of thick scales

The roots contain the greatest virtue; they are excellent mixed in pultices, to apply to swellings. The flowers possess the same virtue also, being emollient and good against pain. An oil is made of the flowers steeped in common oil of olives; but the fresh flowers are much better in the season; and the root may be had fresh at all times, and it possesses the same virtues.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.