The White Stock July Flower.

Botanical name: 

Leucoium album.

A robust garden plant, kept for its flowers, which art variegates and makes double. It grows two or three feet high. The stalk is thick, firm, round, and of a greyish colour. The leaves are long, narrow, hairy, and whitish. The stalks which bear the flowers are also of a whitish green, and tender. The flowers are as broad as a shilling, white, and sweet scented.

The flowers are the part used, and they are to be fresh gathered, and only just blown. A tea made of them is good to promote the menses, and it operates also by urine. An ointment is to be made, by boiling them in hog's lard, which is excellent for sore nipples.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.