The White Rose.

Botanical name: 

Also see: The Dog Rose, or Wild Rose - The Damask Rose - The White Rose - The Red Rose

Rosa alba.

A common shrub also in our gardens. It grows ten or twelve feet high, but is not very able to support itself upright. The stalks are round, prickly, and very much branched. The leaves are of a dusky green, each composed of several pairs of smaller, with an odd one at the end. The flowers are somewhat smaller than those of the damask rose, but of the same form: and their colour is white, and they have less fragrance than the damask.

The flowers are used. They are to be gathered in the bud, and used fresh or dry. A strong infusion of them is good against overflowings of the menses, and the bleeding of the piles.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.