Long Leaved Wild Mint.

Botanical name: 


Also see: Spear Mint - Water mint - Peppermint - Long Leaved Wild Mint - Penny-royal

A singular wild plant, of the mint kind, but not without its beauty; it is two feet high, and grows with great regularity. The stalk is square, firm, and of a pale green, very upright, and at the top full of young shoots. The leaves are long and narrow; they are of a whitish green, deeply indented about the edges, and pointed at the ends: the flowers stand in spikes, at the tops of the young shoots; they are pale, red, and large, and very numerous. The whole plant has a strong smell.

The whole plant is used fresh or dried, and is to be given in the way of tea, for the distilled water is disagreeable. It strengthens the stomach, and promotes the menses. It is in this latter respect h very valuable medicine, but the use of it must be continued some time.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.