Spear Mint.

Botanical name: 

Mentha vulgaris.

Also see: Spear Mint - Water mint - Peppermint - Long Leaved Wild Mint - Penny-royal

A common plant in our gardens, and of frequent use in the kitchen. It is two feet high, the stalks are sqare, single, upright, firm, and of a pale green. The leaves stand two at a joint; they are long, narrow, of a blackish green, serrated at the edges, and sharp-pointed. The flowers are small and purple; they stand in long spikes, in a beautiful manner, whole plant has a fragrant smell, and a pleasant aromatic taste.

The whole plant is used, fresh or dried, and is excellent against disorders of the stomach. It will stop vomiting, and create an appetite; it is best given in the simple distilled water, well made, or else in the form of tea. The fresh herb bruised, and applied outwardly to the stomach, will stop vomitings.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.