Candy Poleymountain.

Botanical name: 

(Some Teucriums contain livertoxic neo-clerodane diterpenoids. Their use is discouraged. --Henriette.)

Polium creticum.

Also see: Poleymountain. - Candy Poleymountain.

A little plant of a woolly appearance, native of the Grecian Islands, and kept in some gardens. It grows but about six inches high. The stalks are square, white, weak, and seldom upright. The leaves stand two at each joint: they are narrow, oblong, and not at ail indented at the edges. They are of a white woolly aspect, and of a pleasant smell. The flowers are small and white, and they grow in tufts at the tops of the stalks: their cups are very white.

The whole plant is to be used dried. It operates very powerfully by urine, and is good against all hysteric complaints, but it is not to be given to women with child, for it has so much efficacy in promoting the menses, that it may occasion abortion.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.