Botanical name: 

(Some Teucriums contain livertoxic neo-clerodane diterpenoids. Their use is discouraged. --Henriette.)

Polium montanum.

Also see: Poleymountain. - Candy Poleymountain.

A pretty plant, native of the warmer parts of Europe, and kept in our gardens. It is ten inches high. The stalks are square and whitish: the leaves are oblong and narrow, of a white colour, and woolly surface; they stand two at a joint, and they are indented at the edges. The flowers are small and white. They grow in a kind of woolly tufts at the tops of the branches.

The whole plant is used; it is best dried; given in infusion, it promotes the menses, and removes obstructions of the liver, hence it is recommended greatly in the jaundice. It operates by urine.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.