The Radish.

Botanical name: 


A common plant in our gardens, the root of which is eaten abundantly in spring. In this state we only see a long and slender root, of a purple or scarlet colour, (for there are these varieties) mingled with white; from which grow a quantity of large rough leaves, of a deep green colour, and irregularly divided: amidst these in summer rises the stalk, which is a yard high, round, and very much branched. The leaves on it are much smaller then those from the root. The flowers are very numerous, small, and white, with some spots of red. The pods are thick, long, and spungy.

The juice of the radish roots fresh gathered, with a little white wine, is an excellent remedy against the gravel. Scarce any thing operates more speedily by urine, or brings away little stones more successfully.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.