The Raspberry Bush.

Botanical name: 

Rubus idaeus.

A little shrub, common in our gardens, but wild also in some parts of the kingdom. The stalks are round, weak, tender, of a pale brown, and prickly. The leaves are each composed of five others: they are large, of a pale green, indented about the edges, and hairy. The flowers are little, and of a whitish colour, with a great quantity of threads in the middle. The fruit is the common raspberry, composed like the blackberry of several grains: it is soft to the touch, and of a delicate taste. The colour varies, for white ones are common.

The juice of ripe raspberries, boiled up with sugar, makes an excellent syrup. It is pleasant, and agreeable to the stomach, good against sicknesses and reachings.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.