Pharmaceutical Notes.



Editor Amer. Jour. Pharmacy:

Dear Sir:—I beg leave to submit the following to your consideration, for the benefit of the craft, for the extemporaneous preparation

Tinctura Opii Camphorata.
Take of Tinct. Opii, ℥iij ʒijss.
Spts. Camphorae, ℥j ʒiij.
Ol. Anisi, ʒij.
Acid. Benzoic., ʒij.
Alcoholis, q. s. ft. Oij. Mix.
Mel. Despumat., ℥iv. troy.
Aquae, q. s. ft. Oij.

Mix the two solutions together, and filter through paper. Of course the tinctures are to be of the officinal strength. The actual relation of camphor and opium in this and the officinal recipe is as follows:

In my formula. Formula 1866, U. S. P.
Camphor, grs. 82 ½ . grs. 80.
Opium, grs. 123 ¾. grs. 120.

The other ingredients are identical in quantity.

Aromatic Essence of Ginger.
Rx Ginger, ℥xii.
Cinnamon, ℥i.
Cardamon Seed, ℥ss.
Cloves, ʒiij.
Capsicum ʒij.
All in moderately coarse powder.
Alcohol, Oiv.

Proceed as directed for Tr. Zingiberis.

The above makes very agreeable form of tinct. of ginger.

I would also suggest that some suitable character or sign be used to denote either ℥ or ʒ different from the one now used. I find many of the errors in prescriptions are caused by the confounding or indistinct writing of the two characters ℥ and ʒ.

Mt. Airy, Philada., Feby. 24, 1871.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).