Zingiber officinale

Zingiber officinale

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Zingiber officinale Roscoe.
Engl.: garden ginger, ginger, adrak, Canton ginger, common ginger, culinary ginger.
Deu.: Ingwer.
Fran.: gingembre.
Sven.: ingefära.
Suom.: inkivääri.
Ital.: zenzero.
Bot. syn.: Amomum angustifolium Salisb., Amomum zingiber L., Zingiber zingiber (L.) Karst.

Zingiber, ginger: uses.

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Archives: Best of the Herbal Forums: 12.1994.

Hard candy.

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Henriette's herbal blog: Somebody asked for ginger candy recipes on the herblist.

Quick fix: nausea

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Henriette's herbal blog: The best herb for nausea is ...

Warming salve.

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Henriette's herbal blog: This warming salve is very good for cold days and nights.

Warm warming drinks

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Henriette's herbal blog: Ginger'n'cinnamon in hot apple juice, mmmmm.