Infusum Sennae Concentratum, B.P.C. Concentrated Infusion of Senna.

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Senna Leaves, broken small 80.00 | 16 ounces
Strong Tincture of Ginger 2.50 | ½ fl. ounce
Alcohol, a sufficient quantity.
Diluted Chloroform Water, a sufficient quantity.

Prepare by the macero-expression process, using as a menstruum the alcohol mixed with three times its volume of diluted chloroform water. After completing the process, add the strong tincture of ginger, then heat in a closed vessel on a water-bath to a temperature of 85°, and maintain thereat for five minutes. The product should measure 100 (20 fluid ounces).

A product closely resembling infusion of senna is obtained by diluting 1 part of this preparation with 7 parts of distilled water.

Dose.—2 to 4 mils (½ to 1 fluid drachm); as a draught, 8 mils (2 fluid drachms), diluted with water.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.