Zingiber, ginger: uses.

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Newsgroups: alt.folklore.herbs
Subject: Ginger root
From: stinky.industrial.com ()
Date: 18 Dec 1994 05:34:26 GMT

What exactly does ginger root do for you? I've heard that it's a good energy booster and occassionally have noticed an increase in energy. Does anyone else have any opinions on ginger?

From: nrd8804.vaxa.isc.rit.edu

Ginger -- like garlic -- is a wonderfully all-purpose herb.

Some of my favorite uses are:
* Winter circulation booster -- especially when in a paste with honey.
* Cold/flu treater -- a few cups of strong ginger tea a day goes a long way in discouraging a cold/flu to take root.
* Motion-sickness mitigator -- supposed to be as effective as dramamine.
* Detoxifier -- great for minor food poisoning
* Antidote -- counters the negative effects of caffeine
* Formula balancer -- along with licorice, ginger is one of the best formula balancers/catalysts
* Decongestant -- powder ginger (1 part) with elecampane (3 parts) with bayberry (2 parts) and use as snuff several times a day to treat congestion (beware: this is strong, so snort just a tad)

Like garlic, ginger can be overheating/overstimulating, particularly for high-metabolism people, so it's best not to use too frequently or for too long a period of time.

One more thing: The actions of ginger root are subtly -- but importantly -- different in its various forms: fresh, dried, honey-roasted.


From: hilda.elf.com (Hilda Marshall)

It's great against nausea! If I'm going to be traveling in one of those big old land-barge cars with the slow-motion bounce suspension, or long-distance on a bus whose exhaust system may or may not have been recently overhauled, I bring a bit of fresh ginger to nibble. Settles the stomach instantly - I think it must be the smell!

Love, Hilda