John M. Maisch.

The biography of Professor Maisch, published in this Journal one year ago, gave a complete list of his contributions to pharmaceutical literature so far as this country is concerned, but we were recently supplied with a list of his papers contributed to Buchner's Repertorium, and consequently in the German language. The following are the titles and references, as translated and compiled by Mr. Hans M. Wilder, who thinks it covers all the contributions in German:

(i) American Eclectic Resinoids. Vol. vi, p. 481-487. 1857.
(2) Sale of Poisons in U. S. Vol. vii, p. 267-271. 1858.
(3) Fluid Extracts in U. S. Same vol. and year, p. 297-304.
(4) Manufacturing Pharmacy in U. S. Vol. viii, p. 433-437. 1859.
(5) Alumen Ustum. Vol. ix, p. 127-129. 1860.
(6) U. S. Ph. Same vol. and year, p. 145-149.
(7) Mineral Water Trade in U. S. Vol. x, p. 257-259. 1861.
(8) Flora of Philadelphia. Vol. x, p. 289-294 and 259-364. 1861.
(9) Standing of the Pharmacist in the U. S. Army. Vol. xi, p. 294-299. 1862.
(10) Snake Bite Remedies in U. S. Same vol. and year, p. 352-356.

Mr. Wilder also informs us that the penalty imposed on Prof. Maisch for his connection with the revolution of 1849 was 4 ½ years at hard labor in the penitentiary. Little wonder he sought the friendly shores of this country to escape such a penalty.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 67, 1895, was edited by Henry Trimble.