Reviews and bibliographical notices.

Les Drogues Simples D'Origine Végétale. Par MM. G. Planchon et E. Collin. Tome premier. Paris. Octave Doin. 1895. Pp. 805.

This is a magnificent work on the simple drugs of vegetable origin. Beginning with the cryptogamia, the first article is on the varech (Fucus vesiculosus, L.), then follow in systematic order the various members of this series, which occupy sixty pages. The phanerogamia are then considered as far as the campanulaceae, which terminate Volume I. The second volume is promised for the end of 1895.

The whole subject is treated in a systematic manner; for instance, each drug is described under the following heads: origin, description, structure, chemical composition and uses. Under some of the more important drugs there are given, in addition to the above, the history, commercial varieties and substitutions. There are 626 illustrations distributed through the volume, which greatly enhance its value. These, in many articles embrace, the whole plant, the part used, the structure and in some cases the starch.

Rhubarb is especially well-described and illustrated, the figures of the various commercial varieties, as well as those of the anatomical structure, being particularly noteworthy.

This volume is one of which the authors have the best of reasons to feel proud, and we shall await the appearance of the second volume with some impatience.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 67, 1895, was edited by Henry Trimble.