The Fact.

When you, as a reader of this journal, first saw the statement made in the announcement of THE THERAPEUTIST, that the subscription rate was one dollar a year and a straight therapeutic fact, you took it as a joke. You now find that perhaps the most important part of the contributions to this journal are these facts, and I can assure you that the fact, as a part of your subscription, is no joke but a serious and important truth.

Out of the 2500 subscribers we had for the first year, about twelve or fourteen per cent of them contributed their fact. The rest are yet to come, and that probably includes YOU, doctor. Give this matter very serious consideration and send us a fact at once, so that we can arrange them all for the coming year, in proper, classified order.

I sincerely hope that every subscriber, who has not contributed his fact for the first year, will not fail to send in his contribution before the first of February. Then I will surprise you for the coming year with a classified arrangement, that will be attractive and useful, because it will be exceedingly practical, the like of which you have never seen before in any journal.

Of course these facts are not all as exact as we would like to have them. That depends upon you, doctor. Do your best in writing them, to make them direct, as covering a distinct group of symptoms.

Neither are the statements all new to every reader. There may be many of them that are of no material benefit to you; but while this is true, there are many also which fit so perfectly into some tedious and hitherto, unsatisfactorily treated condition, that you hail their presence with delight, and find them worth much more to you than a year's subscription.

Others find that your fact fits into their necessities in the same manner; and thus, by this interchange, it is most surprising what an important accumulation of therapeutic knowledge, absolutely reliable in character, we are securing.

It is my intention ultimately, after perhaps a year or two, to arrange all of these facts in systematic order, with reference to the conditions to which they apply. Doctor let me have your earnest co-operation.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.