Gleanings From the Medical Summary.

In most cases of anemia and chlorosis of young women purgatives will do more good than iron.

Attach a soft rubber catheter to a syringe and irrigate the colon of babies suffering from ileocolitis.

Fluid extract of conium in half-dram doses is claimed to have given good results in threatened abortion.

Cannabis indica in 1-4-grain doses, three times a day for a long time, is curative in many cases of chronic headache.

To sober a "drunk" in short order give a hypodermic of apomorphine, 1/10 grain, and follow with capsicin. If there is much depression, strychnine and ammonia will be indicated.

A little pineapple juice is a better digestive ferment than most of the pepsin preparations on the market. A small slice may be eaten after the meal, but the fibrous portion should not be swallowed.

Bed-sores are best treated by bathing in alcohol and dusting with stearate of zinc; or, one drachm of tannic acid added to a half-pint of alcohol and the same amount of water used several times will do the work.

Do you see anything to love in a little child?
Have you sympathy with all good causes?
Can you look straight in the eye of an honest man or a pure woman?
Will a lonely dog follow you?
Do you believe in lending a helping hand to weaker men?
Can you be high minded and happy in drudgery?
Can you see as much beauty in washing dishes and hoeing corn as in playing golf and the piano?
Do you know the value of time and money?
Are you good friends with yourself ?
Do you see anything in life besides dollars and cents ?
Can you see sunshine in a mud puddle?
Can you see beyond the stars?
Editorial in The Medical Standard.

C. B. Williams, M. D., claims that viburnum, in his hands, has relaxed a rigid os as quickly as chloral. It is agreed that it is a perfectly safe and very accessible remedy.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.