Calcarea Phosphorica.

"Turning now to the first group, I take it that I am not far wrong in considering that the action of these will, in all essential features, be covered by a consideration of calcarea phosphorica, the celebrated Schussler remedy. I have been pleased to find that Dr. Raue frequently recommends the use of this remedy. In children it finds one of its widest fields of usefulness. There is hardly a part of the human frame that escapes from the far-reaching action of calcarea.

"Its utility in dental troubles is well known, particularly where the appendages are poorly developed. Slow dentition and early decay of the teeth are indications. This at once reminds us that the whole osseous system is affected by calcarea, and is, indeed, one of the chief seats of its activity. It has a reputation for helping the union of fractured bones, and its service in rickets no one will question; and, indeed, in all kinds of bony deformity, whether scoliotic or kyphotic, it should be thought of as well as in all forms of caries.

"It is not to supply lime to the tissues that we prescribe it, for the tissues will oftentimes remain very deficient in lime while it is being copiously ingested in the food. We give our minute doses rather to supply a specific stimulus to enable the tissues to assimilate the lime from the food." — Homeopathic Recorder.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.