February 1908.

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Single Truths from Many Doctors and Many Truths for Each Doctor


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Ellingwood's Therapeutist

Finley Ellingwood M.D.

Editor and Publisher

100 State St., Chicago

Vol. 2, No. 2 * Feb. 15, 1908

Our Motto

To learn the Truth. To Prove the Truth.

To Apply the Truth. To Spread the Truth.

Our Creed

The truth from all, for all, and to all, without regard to the creed of the individual.

Our Faith

That all disease will ultimately be subdued, in whole or in part, by remedial measures;

That failure to cure disease is due to our lack of knowledge;

That Therapeutic nihilism is the deadly foe to Therapeutic progress;

That the study of the clinical action of the single drug is the true method of drug study;

That each drug acts directly and invariably upon one or more exact conditions of disease, and must be so studied and known;

That with such knowledge perfected, we can immediately and successfully prescribe for conditions of disease, with which we have not previously met.

February 1908

Leading articles.
A Comparison of the Facts involved in Inflammation of the Kidneys - Finley Ellingwood, M. D.
The Visual Inch as an Index to Systemic Conditions - W. W. Walker, A. M., M. D. (eye disorders)
Treatment of Pneumonia - T. Jensen, M. D.
Echinacea - Finley Ellingwood, M.D. (a continuation of his comment to the previous article)
Brief Contributed Articles.
Echinacea in Femoral Abscess - J. Harrison Perry, M. D.
The use of Clay in Digestive Disturbances - C. D. Isenberg, M. D.
Mercury - J. W. Chase, M. D.
Crataegus in Cardiac Asthma - George Osborne, M. D.
Cantharides in the Treatment of Fistula - David Wark, M. D.
Therapeutic Facts. - Single Truths from many Doctors and many Truths for each Doctor.
Iris in Psoriasis
Calcaria Fluorica
Thuja in Dysmenorrhea (and incontinence)
Whooping Cough - Croup
Echinacea in Erysipelas and in Lockjaw
Asthmatic Bronchorrhea (agrimony)
Veratrum in Puerperal Convulsions
Dribbling of Urine (santonin)
Rhus Poisoning (quinin)
Sciatica (apocynum) Sore Nipples (tinct. of benzoin)
Crataegus in Angina Pectoris
Passiflora in Insomnia
Tela Areneae (spider's web for chill)
Boric Acid in Polyuria (diabetes)
Vomiting in Pregnancy (gelsemium; rhubarb and potash)
Increase of Temperature due to Cactus
Prevent a cold (formalin)
Reform Measures in Germany
Constitutional Treatment for Gonorrhea
Misc (ear plug; hernia; ganglia)
Choice Gleanings.
Treatment of Sciatica, by Enteroclysis at High Temperature
Pyometra in Cancer of the Uterus
Calcarea Phosphorica
A Study of Ergot
Diagnosis of Shock
The Real Object
The Effects of Doubt
The Rational Influence of Hot Applications
Suggestions in Pneumonia
A Cancer Symposium
Absence of the Parietal Bone
Syphilitic Throat
Long Waist and Movable Kidney
Mistletoe in Hemorrhage
Vinegar as an Antidote to Carbolic Acid
Cystitis in Infants
Mullein Oil in Deafness
Treatment of Diabetes (cayenne, saw palmetto, grindelia, chimaphila)
Iodin (in oil) Cold to the Spine (reduce fever)
Chronic Rhinitis (ech, thuja, stillingia)
Echinacea for Superficial Gangrene
Gravitation in Septic Peritonitis
The National Association
Misc. (digitalis; location; seasickness)

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Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.