Constitutional Treatment for Gonorrhea.


In the treatment of gonorrhea but few physicians have ever thought of the necessity of doing more than treating the case with thorough local treatment.

A writer in The American Journal of Dermatology claims that the gonococci may invade every part of the animal organism. In one case a patient who was thought to be suffering from heart disease suddenly died. Upon post-mortem examination, the left ventricle of the heart was found to contain an appreciable quantity of pus, which upon microscopic examination was found to be teeming with gonococci.

The writer believes that every case should be treated constitutionally, and when the proper constitutional treatment is determined upon, he thinks, gleet will be a relic and prostatitis but a memory of the past.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.