Botanical name: 

The field of thuja is broadening constantly. In its action upon the rectum it is indicated when there is a slimy discharge, or when this may be streaked with blood, or when there may be dark blotches on the adjoining tissues without pain. When itching is present with an inclination to stool without avail, with burning and tenesmus; when there is a sensation of sharp sticking pains within the rectum; when the membranes are sore as if they were chapped or cracked; when there is a sensation of contraction or spasm in the anus accompanied with severe pain which may prevent defecation. Examination will show the parts swollen and dark colored with enlarged hemorrhoidal veins with small tumors.

Homeopathic physicians have proven this remedy very thoroughly and have learned to depend upon it in the conditions named. All the symptoms are worse when the patient goes to bed, or during the night. The remedy can be used both internally and externally.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.