• GENITO-URINARY DISEASES AND SYPHILIS. Henry H. Morton, M. D., New York. Illustrated with 158 half-tones, etc., and seven full-page color plates. Second edition, revised and enlarged. Published by F. A. Davis Co., Philadelphia.

This work obtained a good reputation in the first edition. It presents a very thorough consideration of the subject in its five hundred pages. The detail of operation in each case, and the modern methods of treatment are exhaustively presented. The typography of the work is excellent. It is a large octavo, printed on extra heavy tint paper, and beautifully illustrated. The work will form an excellent guide for the student, in the treatment of this most important class of diseases. The therapeutics of syphilis in accordance with the most approved methods of the old school is very full.

  • SURGICAL THERAPEUTICS. Emory Lanphear, M. D., Ph. D., LL. D., St. Louis. Published by the Clinic Publishing Company, Chicago.

The field of this work is essentially an important one. In the advanced stage of therapeutics today, there should be much more literature on this subject than there is. There are volumes written on surgery, but almost nothing on the therapeutics of surgical cases. This little work not only covers this important ground in quite a thorough manner, but it presents the most advanced, in fact, the most specific ideas known to the regular school today. The presentation is direct, simple, very plain, and practical. It considers the patient also, urging compliance with the indications found in each case. It is certainly a commendable work.

  • THE HOME PRACTICE OF MEDICINE. Simplified for the masses. L. S. Downs, M. D., Galveston, Texas.

In this little work Dr. Downs has presented the indications for treatment and a simple method which could readily be adopted in each home, by a careful mother, under the general supervision of a conscientious physician. Dr. Downs has spent a number of years in the successful treatment of children, by the most direct and practical methods known. This makes him in every way competent to present this method of treatment, for general use. He has avoided the use of technical language, explaining every point in simple terms in a manner readily understood.

  • PERSONAL AND SOCIAL PURITY FROM A PHYSICIAN'S STANDPOINT. A Life Book. By Jerome D. Dodge, M. D., Cleveland, Ohio. Published by the author.

This is a brief treatise on self and social purity, sexual hygiene, venereal disease, and marriage, with a plea for public instruction on these subjects, dedicated to all Humanity. I have read this little work with a great deal of interest. I will conscientiously say that I have seldom seen this subject presented in such a safe and attractive form. There is a time in the life of every young man and young woman, when they should have a right knowledge presented to them carefully, of the relation of the sexes, and the duty of each in the marriage relation. There is no question that a parent has to decide, that is more difficult than the presentation of this, subject. So difficult is it that it is usually not presented, and the young man, or the young woman are permitted to commit unintentional and unconscious errors, that influence their health and happiness most materially. This little work presents this subject from the very highest possible moral standpoint, in a manner that will permit any one to place it in the hands of the young people. The price of the book is one dollar. It can be obtained from this office.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.