Arsenite of Copper.

A trituration of this important remedy has come into quite general use in the treatment of certain forms of stomach and bowel troubles. It was introduced in this form by the homeopathists. They used it where there was diarrhea with greenish colored stools where there was a tendency to edema.

Where there is diarrhea with frequent voluminous watery discharges it is indicated. With this there is often violent vomiting of a large quantity of watery substance with sharp cutting pains. The fecal discharges are sometimes very offensive. If the onehundredth or one-fiftieth of a grain, in tablet form, be added to a teacup full of hot water, and this given in teaspoonful doses every ten or fifteen minutes, very excellent results will occur.

The above indications should be looked for in every case of cholera infantum during the coming summer. It will take the place of other remedies more frequently used. It is equally effective with the best of them if the indications are right. It seems to antagonize spasm and it is certainly an active intestinal antiseptic. Where the disease has been prostrating in character, the reaction seems to be unusually prompt and satisfactory.

In typhoid fever or in other forms of protracted fever, where this form of diarrhea is present, this remedy can be relied upon with positiveness. I have treated chronic diarrheas which occur in exacerbations, and I have found this remedy reliable and prompt to control both the diarrhea and the pain.

Where papoid or any form of papaw is persistently used as a digestive agent there may be observed an increase of the uric acid where deficient, and a diminution of the oxalates if present.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.