I am giving herewith a formula which was given me by an Eclectic graduate for piles. Some time ago I had a patient 56 years old who had tumors in his rectum as large as the first joint of my thumb. Surgeons had told him his only hope lay in an operation. I told him the same. He said he would die first so I gave him this prescription. He was quickly cured and has remained cured for five months. The following is the formula:

Tannic acid drs. 2
Ichthyol drs. 2
Orthoform drs. 2.5
Oxgall drs. 2.5
Lanae, vaseline each q. s. ozs. 3

Mix. Sig.: Wash out lower bowel then apply, through pile pipe. Use twice daily.

In less serious cases my confidence in it has become absolute. In no case has it failed me.

For the last year and a half I have done a good deal of work and experimenting with uterine hemorrhage. Women who are blondes with thin fair skin always seem to have delicate linings of the internal organs, hence inflammations such as enteritis, peritonitis, and endometritis are more common I think with these. With the endometritis I generally find menorrhagia. In the intramenstrual period I get good results from fl. ext. hydrastis ozs. 1; simple elixir, ozs. 7; dr. 1 three times daily. If the flow comes on too abundantly I depend on a good astringent during the flow or until it becomes normal. When bleeding follows a miscarriage I depend on atropine sulphate. This stops the bleeding when exhibited hypodermically, 12 to 20, drops of a 1 per cent solution every six hours. Furthermore, by putting the uterus at rest it often prevents a spread of puerperal infection in a most gratifying manner.

If at any time the bleeding from the womb is pure and like healthy blood I stop whatever treatment I have been giving and give calcium chlorid from 5 to 20 grains every hour.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.