A Case for Diagnosis and Treatment.


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I have a case which I desire to present to the readers of this journal for a diagnosis and treatment. It is that of a man forty years of age. Several years ago he had an attack of gonorrhea with stricture. The symptoms at present are as follows: There is pain beginning in the right groin, extending down to the knee, the veins in the right side of the scrotum and in the spermatic cord on that side are enlarged and are extremely painful.

When urinating or when the water is held for a length of time, the pain in the thigh and in the knee becomes almost unbearable. When sitting down, the pressure of the seat against the muscles of the leg causes the pain to occur and if that leg becomes cold the pain is greatly increased.

There are no external appearances of the disorder, no swelling. The trouble seems to be in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, and in the knee joint, or the pain is reflected from the original seat of the trouble, to these structures.

If any readers of this journal can make any suggestions and give a correct diagnosis of this case I believe it will be profitable to all.

E. T. SAGAR, Columbus, Ohio.

COMMENT: I have given the doctor my diagnosis and have suggested a plan of general treatment of this case. If any reader has had a similar case, his experiences will be beneficial to all. I desire, with the doctor, to hear from our readers.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.