National Eclectic Medical Association.

On June 17th the National Eclectic Medical Association will again convene for the careful consideration of matters of vast importance to all those who believe in Eclecticism. The brethren of Kansas City have done much hard work to make this a splendid meeting, full of pleasure as well as profit. Several of our most prominent men will give us each day a special address upon subjects of interest and importance. The section work will be good, papers of interest being reported as freely promised. This meeting will mark the period of progress made most satisfactory to all of us, by the Council of Education. Their report will prove very satisfactory to all.

Now men, this is the time and this will be the place for each to renew his vow of eternal allegiance to the cause. The prosperity of the National and Eclecticism depends upon the graduates of our schools, as a mass, not upon the officers, or members of that organization alone. No individual is above or higher than his source of existence as a medical man, consequently, you are directly interested. Work must be done or we will retrograde. Energy expended along the proper line will do wonders; we must preserve our own identity as no one will do it for us. So come, be on hand early, stay late, give aid by your presence, and no fear can possess us of the results.

L. A. PERCE, M. D., President.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.