A Cure for Alopecia.

Editor Ellingwood's Therapeutist:

I am fascinated by the editorials and reviews of your THERAPEUTIST. In re-reading the May issue, (1908, page 159) I saw you request for publication "Any reliable remedy or method of treatment for alopecia."

Below I give formula and method which I have found by nearly twenty years use of great value for the indicated condition, and that not only, but for a prompt cure of porrigo including scallard in its multiplied varieties.

It will not cover a billiard ball with pili capitis, nor will it recreate bulbus pili on a scalp that syphilis has depilated; but where there remains a ciliary follicle seated on a papilla pili, though hampered by micro-spiron, or other ciliary microzoon, to it the lotion is a potent, nourishing, stimulating therapeia.

Specific echafolta (Lloyds)fl. ozs. 7
Fowler's sol. (liq. pot. ars.)fl. ozs. 4
Glycerin (pure)fl. ozs. 3
Aq. pur.fl. ozs. 8
Fresh rose petals (American Beauties preferred) manip.ozs. 4
Mur. cocain (coarse crystals)gr. 154
Ol. ylang-ylang (unona)fl. ozs. 1

To make:

Mix Fowler's solution, glycerin and water.

Scissor rose petals in narrow strips, place them in a bottle and pour over them the echafolta; cork tightly and macerate a week.

After maceration strain and press out the echafolta, and add it to the first mixture. Set the combined liquid aside for digestion during twenty-four hours.

Triturate well the oil of Ylang-Ylang in a wedgewood mortar with magnesia, (calcined) qs. to form a stiff paste, which is then to be liquified and well ground by gradual addition of the aforesaid digested compound. Filter all through two folds of filter paper. When bottled add the cocain.

If pure materials have been used and directions followed, supplemented by skilled pharmacochymia a dermal lotion will have been secured fit for a Queen of state, or of the "four hundred."

How applied. Wash the entire scalp with hot-warm water, (no soap), to keep it clean. After washing dry it, apply dermal lotion to hair-field, and massage roughly the scalp where the hair grows, and also if alopecia calvities,

"On top of the haid,
Where the Har orter grow."

Do this thrice weekly. Echafolta, twenty drops on sugar taken at bed-time is an efficient aid.

A. C. HEWETT, M. D. Chicago

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.