August 1908.

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Single Truths from Many Doctors and Many Truths for Each Doctor


A Journal of Specific Medicine Presenting the most Direct Patent Positive Practical Rational TRUTHS Known to the Profession To-day




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Ellingwood's Therapeutist

Finley Ellingwood M.D.

Editor and Publisher

100 State St., Chicago

Vol. 2, No. 8 * Aug. 15, 1908

Our Motto

To learn the Truth. To Prove the Truth.

To Apply the Truth. To Spread the Truth.

Our Creed

The truth from all, for all, and to all, without regard to the creed of the individual.

Our Faith

That all disease will ultimately be subdued, in whole or in part, by remedial measures;

That failure to cure disease is due to our lack of knowledge;

That Therapeutic nihilism is the deadly foe to Therapeutic progress;

That the study of the clinical action of the single drug is the true method of drug study;

That each drug acts directly and invariably upon one or more exact conditions of disease, and must be so studied and known;

That with such knowledge perfected, we can immediately and successfully prescribe for conditions of disease, with which we have not previously met.

Leading Articles
Mitchella Repens as a Parturient - C. E. Quigg
The Single Remedy - W. L. Leister
Headaches - Finley Ellingwood
A Case of Epilepsy - A. G. Vance
Nonsurgical Treatment of Gall Stones - W. E. Kinnett
Hot Oil Enemata - M. S. Wing
The Honey Bee Sting for Rheumatism - W. W. Houser
A Specific Occipital Headache - H. F. Zink
The Indications for Digitalis in Pneumonia - Dr. Glenn
Infantile Diarrhea - Millard Decker
The Uses of Cimicifuga - C. A. West
Therapeutic Facts
Belladonna for Phlebitis
Exophtalmic Goitre; Epistaxis
Trypsin Treatment of Cancer
Formalin in Cancer
Ingrowing Toe Nails
A Sedative Lotion
Lithemic Headache; Urticaria
Prostatic Catarrh
Snake Bite
Medical Treatment of Gall Stones
Quassia for Pin Worms
A Sedative
Epson Salts and Iron in Dropsy
Cupric Arsenite in Diarrhea
Injection Anesthesia in Obstetrics
Prostatic Sexual Perversion
Choice Gleanings
Acute Nephritis
The House Fly
Fibroids in Pregnancy
Dysmenorrhea in Girls
The Exclusion of Fat from the Diet
Cystitis in Women
Electricity for Constipation
Anesthesia, General and Local
High Temperatures with Recovery
Every Man's Duty
A Defense of Therapeutic Methods
The National Meeting
New Study of Lobelia
Facts about Dr. Abbott
Some Good Points Obtained at the National Meeting
Polygonum punctatum
To Satisfy Thirst
Thuja in Enlarged Tonsils
Agrimony in Dysuria
Picric Acid for Burns
The Use of Cathartic Remedies
Suggestions from the Past
Offensive Perspiration, etc.

Vol. 2, No. 8, Front page. Ad: Uric Antagon. Ads: Eusoma, Glycerine Tonic. Ad: Lymph-Orchitic, Eclectic Publications. Ad: Adrenalin, Starch-digestant.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.