The New Study of Lobelia.

Botanical name: 

On every occasion I shall urge the subscribers of this journal to report to me any new observations they may make, concerning the action of lobelia, when used hypodermically. Already I have been assured from hundreds, I think, of the Therapeutist family, that they are going to make a new study of this important remedy.

I have just had a long conversation with Dr. Jentzsch, on the detail of its influence as he has observed it in nearly six hundred injections, and I am more than convinced that the doctor has made a very important discovery. It is a wonder to me, that this observation has not been made before, when this remedy has been before the profession for one hundred years. The doctor says that while it produces relaxation and sedation, it seems to increase most materially the force and power of the heart's action and the strength of the nervous system. It produces a free circulation in the extreme capillaries, carrying warmth, vigor and life with it. He has used it in four cases of insolation, with unconsciousness and stertorous breathing, with perfect results in every case.

He has injected as much as four drams during one day, in an infant, and has never yet seen any unpleasant results, whatever. He has almost become convinced, that at least within the limits of a dram at a dose, no unpleasantness will be observed.

I am exceedingly anxious to have, and must have reports. I would suggest that in addition to the lines already mentioned which include diphtheria, membranous croup, and asphyxia, that the remedy be used for eclampsia in all forms, including epilepsy puerperal eclampsia, and tetanus. It should relieve hay fever, especially the spasmodic variety.

In making observations be sure and report the precise conditions in both success and failure so that we may determine the correct indications for the remedy as quickly as possible. Dr. Jentzsch is keeping a record of every injection he makes, and all of the influences of each injection. And each individual observer must do the same thing, and make full report.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.