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Adrenalin Chloride in solution as prepared by Parke, Davis & Co., with other compounds of this substance, is especially efficacious just now, in all forms of hay fever.

The North Shore Health Resort of Dr. Hirshfeld of Winnetka, Ill., is a most desirable sanitarium to send patients, especially during the summer months. Indeed, it is an ideal place.

The Keeley Institute at Dwight, Ill., has established an excellent reputation for the cure of the alcohol, opium, morphine or cocaine habits. No method has accomplished more.

The Sultan Drug Co. has demonstrated the undisputed fact that their Cactina Pellets possess a reliable, active principle that can be depended upon to relieve functional heart troubles.

Gray's Glycerine Tonic aids digestion, promotes assimilation, and acts as a reliable restorative to the nervous system, after prostrating fevers of any kind, and after infectious diseases.

The Peacock Chemical Co. have long been before the public as the manufacturers of an excellent class of pharmaceuticals, among which are the well known and reliable Peacock's Bromides.

Anasarcin is a combination of oxydendrum, sambucus and squills. It has given relief in dropsy of a most aggravating character, whether caused by disease of the heart, liver, or kidneys.

Oxydendrine is a combination of oxydendron, iris, sambucus and squills for the relief of heart troubles, which result in dropsy, and for the relief of this latter condition under all circumstances.

The American Training School for nurses was established by Mr. Maccoy in Chicago, to enable physicians to supervise in part the training of their own nurses, according to their own needs. It is becoming very popular.

The Schussler remedies, as well as other important homeopathic preparations, will be furnished direct to our readers at a very satisfactory price by Halsey Bros., 40 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. Write them directly and mention this journal.

Echinacea either alone or in conjunction with thuja is working wonders in the treatment of blood diseases, and in ulcers and foreign growths from this cause. The Eusoma Pharmacal Co. of Cincinnati make a fine combination of these substances.

The Lymph-Orchitic Compound of the Animal Therapy Co. of Chicago, has established beyond doubt its influence as a powerful cell reconstructive, in the cure of locomotor ataxia, lateral sclerosis, epilepsy and neurasthenia.

I am using Uric-Antagon in the treatment of la grippe, hay fever and tonsillitis, and it is proving in every case that it possesses all the merits you claim for it. Have cured a patient of gout of fifteen years' standing in eight weeks with Uric-Antagon. This case had gradually grown worse notwithstanding every treatment usually prescribed in such cases had been used.


Local applications prove efficacious elsewhere in inflammation—why not here? Applications with hygroscopic properties reduce inflammations in other tissues of the body and will do likewise in typhoid fever. The best of these is Antiphlogistine and its use in typhoid fever is demonstrable. It will tend to reduce the inflammation and thus contribute in making the typhoid patient comfortable and assist him in his return to health.

What to do, and when to do it, in typhoid fever are questions largely determining a physician's success in this infection. The bowels are inflamed, the Peyer's patches being the foci of inflammation, and it is but the application of common sense principles to seek for some means of combatting this intestinal inflammation.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.