Suggestion is made for the use of quinine in a one or two per cent solution, for the treatment of hay fever. In some cases the solution is dropped into the inner canthus of each eye, passing down through the tear duct. It comes into direct contact with the nasal passages. Other remedies could probably be used successfully in this manner.

* * * * *

In the treatment of enlarged prostate and of epididymitis, saw palmetto in large doses may be given with other indicated remedies. The study of remedies directed to this class of diseases has been greatly neglected. I want the practical experience of our readers concerning them.

* * * * *

The doctor who prescribes gratuitously gives a worthless prescription.

Ringworms are cured by an application of salicylic acid dissolved in collodion.

Glauber's salt is recommended as an efficient antidote to carbolic acid.

Pin worms have been destroyed satisfactorily by introducing a sulphur ointment within the anus.

The injection of a dram or two of lemon juice into the nasal cavity has controlled obstinate nose bleeding.

There is one form of general pruritis which is quickly cured by taking freely of the carbonate of lithium.

A number of serious burns are recorded from the careless use of the rubber water bag, either by immediate contact or by leakage.

Macrotys four or five drops at a dose once in an hour, will correct hysterical symptoms occurring from uterine excitement which resemble chorea.

Lawson Tait used to claim that it was absolutely impossible to make an exact diagnosis of disease within the abdomen without incision.

For the destruction of crab lice (pediculi pubis) wash the parts with ether; a strong infusion of tobacco will immediately destroy them also.

In the administration of hypodermic injections of pilocarpine it has been observed that if the stomach is entirely empty collapse will more readily occur.

The existence of a supreme being is a fundamental conviction of the human mind, and philosophy in its sublimest aspirations maintains such an existence.

I have mentioned before, the cure of chronic sciatica by enveloping the limb in sulphur, during the night. This method should be tried in intractable cases.

A solution of formal, one part to nine of water, set around in different localities in open space, will rapidly destroy flies and mosquitoes which its odor attracts.

In the treatment of pain in the ovaries, pelvic neuralgia, or headaches due to disorders of the pelvic organs, cannabis indica in proper doses is an excellent remedy.

Ladies' slipper at one time was vaunted as an excellent remedy in the treatment of certain nervous conditions of women. I want the experiences of our readers on that remedy, also.

There is no doubt that the power of the stomach to digest and absorb food is greatly increased by the action of electricity. If a hot, moist compress be applied with the electro the efficiency of the application will be increased.

If any of our readers have had any experience with the use of haircap moss in the treatment of dropsy I will be glad to have a report. This important remedy is being used but little at the present time. I have obtained excellent results from it.

In the case of an emergency of the absence of a catheter at a time when needed for females, use has been made of a clean pipe stem, or of a quill from a goose or turkey feather, or of the cover of an exploring needle, all used, of course, aseptically.

It was reported at one time, that the pictrate of ammonium was being used in the malarial districts of India with excellent results. If any of our readers have had an experience with the action of this remedy, to antagonize malaria, I would like to have reports concerning its influence.

Dr. N. S. Davis, Sr., of Chicago, was one of the first American physicians to declare against the use of alcoholics in medicine. He said: For over thirty years I have tested the medicinal uses of alcohol and I have found no class of diseases and no emergencies from accidents, that I could not treat more successfully without any form of distilled liquors than with them.

At no time in the history of the world has the war against fleas, flies, mosquitoes and rats, as the causes of disease, been waged so vigorously as now, and the war has hardly begun. I believe the time will come when there will be but few of these pests, if, indeed, they will not be a curiosity.

Superficial birthmarks have been removed by the application of a solution of one grain of corrosive sublimate in half of a dram of collodion. The application should be made with care and repeated only as needed. Pulsatilla has been given with excellent results frequently, in acute inflammation of the epididymis, testicle and spermatic cord. It reduces the pain, swelling and heat rapidly.

A doctor reports that he introduced an aspirating needle into the trachea of a child apparently born dead, closed the glottis with one finger in the child's mouth, put his mouth to the tube, and filled the child's lungs with air. He then emptied the lungs by gentle pressure, filled them again three or four times at proper intervals until the child began to breathe and was restored. Why would not this method be an excellent one to use in case of a person apparently drowned?

Dr. Whitford has long used the following prescription in the treatment of certain forms of persistent facial neuralgia. I have adopted the same course with excellent results: Add one half dram of the fluid extract of belladonna, and three drams of the chlorid of ammonium to three ounces of camphor water. Take a teaspoonful of this every four, five or six hours. This will give the physiological action of belladonna in some of the cases, when the size of the dose should be reduced. In selected cases, those depending upon congestive phenomena, the results are perfect.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.