In the treatment of disease we have come to the time when we find it necessary to consider the psychic element, in all its bearings. The influence of religious impression upon disease has been considered for centuries. Within the last decade or two so much has been said of faith cures, Christian science, hypnotism and other measures that turn the mind from the disease to something hopeful, that it has come to pass that these measures may now find a place, and must be considered in certain cases, if the diseases are successfully and speedily treated.

I have long thought that the time would come when there would be an exact place in medicine for psychic treatment. It will not and cannot take the place of essential medicines. It will be of but little benefit in the treatment of organic disease, but where organic change is not established, where the difficulty is functional or mental these measures should now find an exact place.

The Emmanuel Movement represented in Chicago by Bishop Fallows, in Boston by Drs. Worcester and McComb, in Brooklyn by the Rev. Robert McDonald, maintain that in functional disorders the psychic or spiritual influence may correct the condition directly. In a recent number of The World Today, Bishop Fallows makes the following statement, which shows that this movement is one in which the spiritual adviser and the physician can work together hand in hand. It is certainly a marked advancement over the ideas of the past, in these matters. This movement is entirely different from so-called Christian science and is undoubtedly in every way superior.

Dr. Fallows says: "We assert the absolute necessity for the work of the physician and give full value to the splendid efforts of the medical profession in furthering the health and welfare of the race.

"By making known God's laws of sanitation and hygiene, only one of the benefits they have conferred, they have not only prevented the scourges which once swept off millions of people in a single decade, but they have saved the lives of millions since.

"Waiving all the theological and doctrinal differences which separate Christian science so widely from the churches of Christendom, we believe in the power of faith in the historic Christ, and in personal and intercessory prayer to an ever-living and ever-loving personal God.

"We believe in using the best scientific medical knowledge and the skill of the day, which we feel is as much God-given as a psychical or spiritual method of relieving disease. Since we do not claim in any way the exercise of the omniscience and omnipotence of the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, we ask our patients to come with a diagnosis as accurate as the skill of the physician can make it.

The aim of religious therapeutics is to bring health and happiness to the afflicted, and more efficiency to those who are well. It strives to drive out fears, various forms of depression, worry, want of confidence, and the like, from the mind and heart.

"It magnifies the love and tenderness and sympathy of God. It carries forward the benign work of the neurologist along the lines of re-education and right living, according to the individual needs of each patient."

This makes its application a separate and independent factor in therapeutics, and one which certainly has, an important place in a wide range of cases.

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This journal is a journal of straight shots—a journal of the most direct action of each drug. You, doctor, have made many observations of direct drug action which you have never reported. You have seen results in your practice that you have not seen reported by other doctors. We must have those reports. Have you, yourself, not your neighbor, ever used any of the following remedies for the conditions named, or the same remedies successfully for conditions you have not seen reported? or have you used successfully other remedies for the following conditions with direct and positive results? Write us card or a short letter at once, and tell us all exactly what your observations have been with these.

Collinsonia for valvular disease of the heart, or for dilatation.
Hamamelis for varicoses.
Belladonna or other single remedy for sterility.
Cactus for angina pectoris.
Aesculus glabra for hemorrhoids.
Geranium for cirrhosis of the liver, or for chronic gastric acidity or ulceration.
Lycopus for irritable heart and pulmonary hemorrhage.
Chionanthus for diabetes mellitus.
Scutellaria and cypripedium for general or local hyperesthesia.
Viburnum opulus for painful menstruation.
Staphisagria for disease of the testes, vescula seminales and prostate glands.
Liatris spicata for diseases of the kidneys and bladder.
Melilotus for headaches and neuralgic pains.

I want a report on the above or on any good straight points that the above suggest to you, doctor, just as quick as you can get it to me.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.