Practical Suggestions.

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In the treatment of angina pectoris I have used specific lobelia, made from lobelia seed. I have given from ten to twenty drops for the relief of the pain, every twenty or thirty minutes, until the pain ceases. I have found cactus a good remedy for this condition, but I have obtained better results from lobelia.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids the tincture of the horse chestnut, with me, is preferable to esculus glabra. The remedy must be given in small doses. I prescribe twenty drops of the tincture to four ounces of water, and give a teaspoonful four times a day.

In the treatment of gastric acidity I use the acetate of potassium in from 5- to 10-grain doses, dissolved in water. This has proven to be an excellent remedy.

I use hamamelis for varicoses, either alone or combined with crataegus.

In the early stages of diabetes mellitus, I have obtained good results from the use of chionanthus in 15-drop doses, given about four times a day. This remedy has been mentioned for this condition in this journal a number of times. I would like to add my testimony in its favor.

There are certain forms of painful menstruation that have yielded, for me, very satisfactorily, to the action of macrotys and pulsatilla. In certain spasmodic cases, black haw is added.

With me, as with several other writers for this journal, staphisagria is an excellent remedy for irritation of the testes, and associate organs, as well as for impotency. I believe we should have more definite, detailed reports of the action of all of these remedies.


Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.