An Excellent Formula when Indicated.

One of the most popular of formulas that I have ever published is one that I have advised for many years in the treatment of that form of cystitis in which there is a quantity of pale urine, often large, passed frequently, with a very strong ammoniacal odor, alkaline in reaction, and usually heavily loaded with mucus and perhaps some pus. It is as follows:

Benzoic acid drs. 4
Borate of soda drs. 6
Cinnamon water ozs. 6

Of this give a half of an ounce every two hours.

This prescription is not only of benefit in the above condition, which is usually subacute or chronic, but it will be found of much service in the beginning stages of cystitis, where the urine is neutral or alkaline, and where there is frequency with irritating pains in urinating.

I am not able to explain the benefit derived by combining these two substances in this form, over a solution of the ordinary benzoate of sodium, but this compound is certainly in every way superior. It may be modified by adding other well known indicated remedies which influence cystitis. A form of general application for adults which is of wide service, is to give from five to ten grains of each of these substances in from one to two ounces of the official infusion of buchu, giving this three or four or five times a day.

Ellingwood's Therapeutist, Vol. 2, 1908, was edited by Finley Ellingwood M.D.